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Prairie Reign is hosting its 3rd annual food drive for Harvest Manitoba from September 21st until October 5th to help Manitoban families this Thanksgiving. Collection bins will be located inside the gym. Please consider having your child "bring a tin for the bin."

The top ten most needed foods include canned fruit, soup, tuna and vegetables, pasta and pasta sauce, rice, peanut butter, baby formula/food and instant oatmeal.


As the gymnastics season draws to a close, we would like to recognize a few special Prairie Reign award recipients.
Sunshine Award Recipients (for demonstrating exceptional sportsmanship): Adley P, Alyna C, Ella C, Eva S, Isla M, Kami S, Lily S, Myah E and Violet C.
Top Athlete Award Recipients:
🏅 Level 1 - Adella M
🏅 Level 2 - Lindy S
🏅 Level 3 - Emmanuelle G
🏅 Level 4 - Alina E
🏅 Level 5 - Sabrina S
🏅 Level 6 - Kami S
🏅 Level 7 - Myah E
🏅 Level 8 - Corinne D
An extra special congratulations to Zoé S. for winning Athlete of the Year. Zoé was nominated by the Prairie Reign competitive team for embodying the Prairie Reign spirit through her dedication, determination and leadership!
Congratulations to everyone on a fantastic season!


Registration for Spring Session is now open! Register early at to secure your child's spot! While there, check out Prairie Reign's super fun summer camp offerings—also open for registration!


Some of Prairie Reign's junior and senior team members headed south to Grand Forks (March 10th-12th) to compete at the Lucky Chance Invitational. The athletes had a fun time bonding as a team and had some great results, including a team competition where Prairie Reign won third place! Some of the highlights include:

Level XB

  • Gabrielle S (10th beam and floor)

Level 3

  • Quinn S (3rd bea)

Level XG

  • Maddyn M (5th overall)
  • Emma S (5th overall)
  • Mackenzie C (1st overall)

Level 6

  • Kami S (6th overall)

Level 8

  • Corinne D (1st overall (tie))
  • Zoé S (5th overall)


A small group of athletes from Prairie Reign competed March 3-5 at the Kips Classic invitational. It will be a busy March for Prairie Reign as there are competitions scheduled every weekend, for various levels. These athletes kicked off the month with flair, producing some fantastic routines! Some of the highlights are as follows: 

Level 1

Gold medalist overall: Brielle J

Silver medalists overall: Blake S, Alyna C, Violet C, Gabrielle S, Harlow Y, Savannah L, Lexi S, Lily L, Dylan H, Mila T and Hailey F

Level 3

  • Emmanuelle G (gold bars, beam, floor and overall, bronze vault)
  • Quinn S (silver bars, beam, floor and overall, bronze vault)

Level 4

  • Emma S (gold bars, silver beam, bronze overall)
  • Maddyn M (gold bars, silver beam)

Way to go girls!


Prairie Reign athletes and coaches attended Elites Invitational in Cook's Creek, Manitoba, February 24th - 26th. Many athletes achieved some personal best scores! Some of the highlights are as follows:

Level 1

Gold medalists overall: Adella M, Alyna C, Blake S, Brielle J, Emma M, Lily L, Violet C and Zoe M!

Silver medalists overall: Harlow Y,  Kinsley P, Lexi S, Malaika M, Mila T and Savannah L!

Level 2

  • Zara L (bronze vault, beam, floor and overall)
  • Aryanna L (silver vault)
  • Adley P (bronze bars and overall)
  • Kaiya T (silver beam, bronze floor)
  • Jamie S (gold vault)
  • Ella L (bronze floor)
  • Lindy S (gold vault, silver beam, floor and overall)
  • Morgan M (silver vault, bars and floor, bronze overall)
  • Isla S (silver vault and beam, gold on bars, floor and overall)
  • Lauren M (bronze vault, gold beam)
  • Charlee M (bronze floor)

Level 3

  • Allie K (silver beam)
  • Avery B (bronze floor)
  • Chloe B (bronze vault, floor and overall)

Level 4

  • Payton S (bronze bars and beam)
  • Alina E (gold vault and beam, silver bars, floor and overall)

Great job team!


Prairie Reign's junior and senior teams competed February 5th-7th at the 2023 Royal Classic and had some incredible achievements!

Some highlights include:

CCP 3—Both of Prairie Reign's athletes entered in this level came away as bronze medalists overall in their respective age groups! Congratulations to Emmanuelle G and Sierra R, who also both won gold medals on floor, silver medals on beam on bronze medals on bars!

CCP 4—Mackenzie C won the silver medal on bars and Maddyn M won the silver medal on beam. Both Maddyn and Emma S achieved some personal bests, including their personal best overall score!

CCP 5—Sabrina S was the overall champion in her age category, also winning the silver medal on vault, beam and floor! 

CCP 7—Vanessa N won the silver medal overall, with a gold medal on floor, silver medal on bars and bronze medal on beam!

CCP 8—Zoé S won the silver medal on floor and bronze medal on bars and Corinne D placed silver overall, with a gold medal on floor and silver medals on vault, bars and beam in their respective age groups!

We are so proud of everyone who competed!


Prairie Reign athletes competed January 27th-29th at the Snowflake Invitational in levels one through four. Many of Prairie Reign's athletes were competing in their first-ever competition!

Some of the highlights are as follows:

CCP 1:

  • Dylan H (gold vault, beam and overall; silver on bars and floor)
  • Adella M (gold vault, beam, floor and overall; silver on bars)
  • Emma M (gold vault and overall; silver bars, beam and floor)
  • Lily L (silver vault, bars, beam, floor and overall)
  • Charlee M (gold vault and beam; silver floor and overall, bronze bars)
  • Alyna C (gold vault and floor; silver bars, beam and overall)
  • Aydra M (gold on vault and beam; silver floor and overall; bronze bars)
  • Kinsley P (Gold beam; silver vault, bars, floor and overall)
  • Mila T (Gold vault; silver bars, floor and overall; bronze beam)
  • Malaika M (Silver vault, bars, floor and overall; bronze beam)
  • Hailey F (Gold vault; silver floor and overall; bronze bars and beam)
  • Blake S (Gold vault and bars; silver beam, floor and overall)
  • Zoe M (Gold vault; silver bars, beam, floor and overall)
  • Harlow Y (Gold vault and bars; silver floor and overall; bronze beam)

CCP 2:

  • Ariel B (1st bars; 3rd vault, beam, floor and overall)
  • Isla M (3rd bars and beam)
  • Briella Z (2nd vault)
  • Aryanna L (3rd bars)
  • Kaiya T (1st bars; 3rd vault, beam and overall)
  • Aria S (2nd bars and beam)
  • Victoria (1st vault)
  • Lindy S (1st beam; 3rd bars and overall)
  • Morgan M (1st bars; 2nd beam)
  • Jamie S (1st vault; 3rd floor)
  • Lily S (2nd bars; 3rd beam and floor)
  • Isla S (1st bars; 2nd beam)

CCP 3:

  • Allie K (2nd bars)
  • Eva S (2nd bars and beam; 3rd overall)
  • Jude B (3rd beam and floor)

CCP 4:

  • Alina E (2nd beam and floor; 3rd vault, bars and overall)
  • Mia T (2nd vault)

Congratulations to all who competed!


A small group of Prairie Reign's competitive team visited Brandon January 7-8 to compete in the Coconut Grove Invitational. Accompanied by coaches Amanda, Brianna and Corie, the girls did a fantastic job at their first meet of the New Year! Thank you to Brandon Eagles for hosting such a fun meet!

Some of the highlights include:

CCP 3:

  • Quinn S, beam champion!
  • Sierra R, bronze on beam and floor, and also achieved a personal best in her overall score!

CCP 4:

  • Maddyn M, silver on bars!
  • Emma S, bar champion, silver on beam and bronze medalist overall!
  • Mackenzie, silver on bars!

CCP 5:

  • Sabrina S, bronze on beam, silver on floor and silver medalist overall!

CCP 6:

  • Kami S, silver on floor!


  • Corinne D, floor champion, bronze on vault and floor, silver on beam, silver medalist overall!
  • Zoe S, silver on vault, bronze on beam and floor, bronze medalist overall!
  • Sylvie L, silver on bars!

Great job girls!


Congratulations to all Prairie Reign athletes who participated in the "Out with the Old, In with the New" Mock Meet, held on December 30th. We are so proud of all of you!

Some highlights include:

CCP1 Overall Champion: Olivia P

CCP 2 Overall Champions: Zara L (2011-2012), Isla S (2013-2014A), Morgan M and Adley P (2013-2014B)

CCP 3 Overall Champions: Emmanuelle G (2010) and Sierra R (2011-2014)

CCP 4 Overall Champions: Emma S (2006-2010) and Maddyn M (2011)

CCP 5 Overall Champion: Sabrina S

CCP 6 Overall Champion: Kami S

CCP 7 Overall Champion: Vanessa N

CCP 8 Overall Champion: Corinne D

Thank you to the judges, coaches, gymnasts and volunteers for making the event such a success. We could not have done it without you!


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