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Amanda McCormick
Head Coach

Amanda has been involved in gymnastics for more than 34 years. She has extensive coaching experience ranging from preschool through the competitive stream.

She is a national high-performance judge and has been to numerous Western Canadian Gymnastics Championships and Canadian Championships. In 2015, she received a Special Achievement Award for her involvement in the sport.

Amanda's greatest strengths include her technical knowledge of gymnastics and attention to detail, her ability to teach in ways children understand and her organizational skills. Amanda believes she is only as good of a coach as her weakest athlete. She is known for her ability to help athletes discover their inner strengths and reach their full potential.

Amanda's post-secondary education is in medical laboratory sciences.

Corie McCormick Colliou
Head Coach

Corie has been involved with gymnastics for more than 32 years. She is known for her calm demeanour and patience. 

Corie believes athletes find success in overcoming fears, cheering for other participants, having fun, persevering despite challenges and life-long participation. She strives to ensure every athlete receives quality instruction and attention, regardless of ability.

Corie has more than 20 years of experience teaching gymnastics, from movement classes for babies to competitive athletes.

Corie is a graduate with majors in Child Development and Conflict Resolution Studies. She is well versed in the biological, environmental and sociological influences on child development, and able to diffuse and prevent stressful situations, resulting in a more positive and mentally healthy environment.


Brianna Jonnie
Junior Team Coach and Choreographer

Brianna is a former competitive gymnast and dancer. She has eight years of coaching experience and is a regional and provincial stream judge. 

Brianna has been recognized locally and nationally for her volunteer work and advocacy on behalf of youth. She is a recipient of the Lieutenant Governor's Vice-Regal Award, the "Make a Difference" Community Service Award and the City of Winnipeg's Youth Role Model Award (Advocacy).

Brianna is also an award-winning author. At 17 years old, she published her first book—one used by some teachers in North and South America, Europe and Australia to help educate middle and high school students. She is a recipient of numerous scholarships including the prestigious TD Scholarship for Community Leadership.

Brianna's primary goal is to inspire young athletes to believe in themselves, set big goals and believe in their dreams.

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Deanna is a former competitive gymnast and has been involved in gymnastics for more than 28 years.  Her significant coaching experience ranges from recreational through to the regional competitive stream. Additionally, she is a regional stream judge and is working towards becoming an official in acrobatic gymnastics.

Deanna believes in making sure  athletes learn the appropriate basics, progressions and skills safely, building individual strengths and abilities, and having fun individually and as a team. She inspires her athletes to go after their goals and succeed while enjoying the sport of gymnastics as much as she does!


Abby is a university student and  received honours with distinction throughout high school. She has a passion for sciences and mathematics. 
Since the age of three, Abby has been involved in gymnastics and competed as a member of the Prairie Reign team. As an athlete, her favourite event was Bars, and she enjoyed the satisfaction of learning new skills. Abby is grateful for all she has learned and her friendships through the sport. 
As a coach, Abby enjoys interacting with her athletes and loves seeing their excitement and growth at gymnastics. She is also a judge in the regional competitive stream. 
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Raina is a university student and hopes to eventually have a career in the science or medical field.

Raina has had a passion for gymnastics since her first day in the gym and is one of Prairie Reign's former competitive athletes. She is also a judge in the regional competitive stream. She loves working with the children at Prairie Reign and helping them discover the same love for gymnastics that she has. 

Raina is hardworking and motivated. During her spare time, she enjoys volleyball and track and field, meeting new people and trying new foods and activities. 

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Zoé is a high school student at École Regional Gabrielle-Roy and is bilingual (French/English). She enjoys science, particularly learning about human anatomy. Si vous souhaitez que Zoé communique avec votre enfant en Français, vous n’avez qu’à nous faire
Since pre-school, Zoé has been involved in both dance and gymnastics. As one of Prairie Reign's top athletes, her athletic goal is to represent Team Manitoba at the Canadian National Gymnastics Championships.
Zoé quickly recognizes areas where technique can be improved and is able to find alternate ways to describe skills to children who need additional guidance.
In Zoé's spare time, she enjoys being outside, swimming, skiing, fishing and cycling. She works hard and likes sharing with others her passion for gymnastics. 



Myah is a pre-International Baccalaureate high school student at Miles Macdonnell Collegiate and in the STEAM program. She has an interest in reading, music and exploring different art mediums. 
Since she was a toddler, gymnastics has been a part of Myah’s life. She is a former  Prairie Reign competitive athlete and her favourite event was Bars because she loves learning new skills, and it made her feel like she was flying. In addition, she greatly values the relationships she has developed through gymnastics. 
Myah’s favourite aspect of coaching is building relationships with the children and watching them succeed.


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Mackenzie is a French immersion student at École Secondaire Kelvin and has been on the honour roll throughout high school. She enjoys math and hopes to pursue a career as an architect.
Mackenzie started gymnastics at the age of five, and it has been a large part of her life since, including being a member of the Prairie Reign competitive team. She enjoys learning new skills and the confidence that comes with getting them. The Prairie Reign team has become a second family and is always supportive and loving.
She became a coach to show her love of gymnastics to a new group of up-and-coming athletes and the fun that gymnastics can provide, whether recreational or competitive. She enjoys working with the children and watching them fall in love with gymnastics.
Mackenzie enjoys reading, crocheting, and trying new foods in her spare time.



Brooke is an honour roll high school student at Springs Christian Academy. She enjoys music, art and dance.
Since age 4, Brooke has been involved in dance of all kinds, from musical theatre to acro, ballet and hip hop and gymnastics. She loves children, and seeing them achieve their goals and strive to be a better version of themself brings her joy.
Brooke enjoys playing piano, singing, reading, rollerblading and cycling in her spare time. She works hard at everything she does and likes sharing her passion for gymnastics with others.
Brooke enjoys being a part of the Prairie Reign team. She looks forward to continuing to build new relationships with the children and helping them meet their goals. 


General Information

At Prairie Reign Gymnastics, our coaches believe in creating a positive atmosphere where athletes of all ages can reach their full potential. All coaches are trained/certified through the
National Coaching Certification Program and have their First Aid/CPR-AED and Respect in Sport certification, in addition to in-house training. Junior coaches are working towards certification.
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